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Equipment 96 0. Services 58 0. Industry Name. Number of Firms. Cost of Equity. Std Dev in Stock. Cost of Debt. Tax Rate. After-tax Cost of Debt. Cost of Capital. Air Transport.

How to Calculate WACC, Cost Equity and Debt

Auto Parts. Bank Money Center. Banks Regional. Beverage Alcoholic. Beverage Soft. Building Materials.

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Cable TV. Chemical Basic. Chemical Diversified. Chemical Specialty. Computer Services. Construction Supplies. Drugs Biotechnology. Drugs Pharmaceutical.Begin by installing the Intrinio Excel add-in on your computer. Click on the A1 Cell, then click on the named range box just above it.

PART 1: How to Calculate the WACC of a Company in Excel

Delete "A1" and type the word "ticker. This percentage represents the riskiness of investment grade corporate bonds. However, depending on the riskiness of the company you have chosen, you can also pull in the BBB curve. We calculate the cost of debt "after" taxes because interest expense is tax deductive and dividends paid is not. This means there is a tax advantage to taking out debt. In cell K5, we'll use the Intrinio formula to pull in the risk-free rate from the Federal Reserve:.

At Intrinio, we call him the Godfather of Value Investing. He is a recognized authoritative source for equity risk premium data. In cell F12, next to the value of debt, we want to calculate debt as a percentage of the total market value. In cell F13, next to the value of equity, we want to calculate equity as a percentage of the total market value. In cell G12, next to the debt as a percentage of total market value, type the following formula to pull in the after-tax cost of debt that we previously calculated above:.

In cell G13, next to the equity as a percentage of total market value, type the following formula to pull in the cost of equity that we previously calculated above:. Lastly, in cell H14, type in the following formula to add the two together and calculate the Weighted Average Cost of Capital:.

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damodaran wacc calculation excel

General Help. Installation Begin by installing the Intrinio Excel add-in on your computer.For example, in buying assets for operating the business and investing in projects that generate cash flows for the company. The capital can come from investors who invest in the common stocks of the company or from funds borrowed from others known as debt.

The cost of capital can be thought of as the cost of doing business. Imagine if the company uses only common stocks equity to finance all its assets, then the stockholders will own all the assets and all the cash flows generated by the business.

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The investors will be expecting a certain rate of return for putting money into the common stock. The cost of capital in this case can be thought of as the required rate of return by the investors. When the company needs to invest in a new project, it may need to consider whether the returns will be able to meet the expectations of the investors.

To complicate matters, most companies use a mixture of debt and equity to finance their business. Thus cost of capital involves a mixture of the cost of equity and the cost of debt. In this case, the cost of capital for a company is the required rate of return that the company needs to earn in order to pay the debts and to meet the expectations of the rate of return required by the investors.

Weighted Average Cost of Capital WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital is defined as the average cost of capital for a company, calculated as a weighted average of the costs of equity and the costs of debt. Cost of Equity The Cost of Equity is defined as the rate of return that an investor expects to earn for bearing risks in investing in the shares of a company. Cost of Equity Gordon In the Dividend Growth Model by Gordon, the price of a company stock is calculated as the sum of all the company's future dividends.

The dividends are assumed to be growing at a constant rate.

WACC Formula

Cost of Debt A company's debt is usually a mixture of loans, bonds and other securities. A company's Cost of Debt is the interest rate that a company pays on its debt. It is important to note that the interest a company pays is a tax deductible expense. Thus the after-tax rate is usually used for a company's cost of debt.Description This video explains how to calculate cost of equity and cost of debt. If we want to discount cashflows, we need to use WACC. All capital sources inc.

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Steel Industry Financial Model Excel Template This Model presents the case of the operation of a steel plant using the mini mill technology. More Best Practices from Finance Walk. Ratio Analysis, Financial Ratio Analysis in Excel Learn all you need to know about ratio analysis, using a manufacturing firm as a case study.

Stock Valuation Techniques Looking at valuation and techniques used to value stocks.

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Please sign-up to download this free Best Practice Sign up Have an account? Log in.In other words, it indicates the minimum rate of return that a company needs to generate in order to compensate both shareholders and lenders.

WACC is also known as the simple cost of capital. The formula for WACC is expressed as the sum of the product of weightage of equity and cost of equity plus a product of weightage of debt, cost of debt and one minus the applicable tax rate. Mathematically, it is represented as. Let us take an example of a company DCF Inc.

On the other hand, the risk-free rate of return is 1. Calculate WACC based on the given information and check whether the investment return of 5.

Based on the given information, the WACC is 3. Hence, it is a good idea to raise the money and invest. Typically, companies are financed by a mix of debt and equity. Further, the cost of debt is usually lower than that of the cost of equity and as such, it is important to capture the average cost of capital.

However, it would be wrong if we take straight away the average of the cost of debt and cost of equity because in some cases companies might raise more funding from one source than another.

As such, it is quintessential that we compute the weighted average of the cost of capital by taking into account the proportion of each category of funding debt and equity in the overall capital structure.

Generally, companies intend to take more debt funding due to its lower cost of financing coupled with tax benefits for interest payment. The cost of two major sources of financing are as follows:. It is important that one understands the concept of WACC as it plays a vital role in making financial management decisions. Typically, the management of a company use WACC to evaluate whether it should finance the purchase of any new asset with equity or debt or a mix of both. Lower cost of financing is always desirable.

On the other hand, investors and creditors use WACC to evaluate whether it is worth investing or lending loan to an entity.

damodaran wacc calculation excel

As WACC increases, the investment will be less likely to create any value and as such investors might look for some other prospects. So, it can be seen that WACC is a very useful metric in the financial domain for everyone. However, various everyone come up with a different WACC number for the same company due to a different set of assumptions.

Here we discuss how to calculate the WACC along with practical examples. You may also look at the following articles to learn more —.

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Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University, I teach the corporate finance and valuation courses in the MBA program as well as occasional short-term classes around the world on both topics. My research interests lie in valuation, portfolio management and applied corporate finance.

damodaran wacc calculation excel

My papers have been published in many famous financial journals. Capitalizing Leases - Webcast Learn how to treat leases as a financial expense instead of an operating expense.

Valuing a Natural Resource Option This model calclulates the value of natural resource option. Actual vs Potential Dividends Compares the dividends paid to what a firm could have paid, by estimating the free cash flow to equity. Net Capital Expenditures for a Firm Estimate the net capital expenditures for a firm, when it reaches stable growth. Estimating the Discount for a Minority Stake in a Private Business This model can be used to estimate the discounts for a minority stake in a private business.

Normalizing Earnings for a Troubled Firm This model values firms with operating income that is either positive or can be normalized to be positive. Estimating the Illiquidity Discount This model can be used to estimate illiquiduty discounts for firms.

Dealing with Employee Options Learn how to value employee options and inserting this share in the value of your equity per share. Cost of Capital for a Firm Estimate the cost of capital for your firm. Optimum Capital Structure Cost of capital approach An excel model to estimate the ideal capital structure for a corporation.

Betas and Leverage Obtain a table of betas at different debt ratios. Estimating Trailing month Earnings number Learn how to build a 12 month earnings quaterly report for your valuation. Valuation of Premiums A model to value the premium you should pay for growth in either an intrinsic valuation or a relative valuation. Adjusting the Cost of Equity for a Private Firm This model can be used to adjust equity costs for firms. Design debt by looking at sensitivity to macro variables Allows you to estimate the duration of a firm's assets and its sensitivity to other macro economic variables.

Estimating the Value of Financial Flexibility Calculate the value of financial flexibility. Estimating Compounded Revenue Growth Rate This model can be used to estimate revenue rates for firms for up to 10 years. Dividend Discount Model A complete dividend discount model that can do stable growth, 2-stage or 3-stage valuation.

Value of Equity in a Bank Estimate the value of equity in a bank. Converting Operating Lease Expenses Convert operating lease expenses into financing expenses and restates operating income and debt outstanding. Black-Scholes converted for Binomial Tree Converts the standard deviation input in the Black-Scholes model to up and down movements in the binomial tree. Measuring Accounting Returns Learn how to measure accounting returns when wanting to estimate growth or value a specific company.

Likelihood that a Troubled Firm Will Fail This model quantifies the probability of failure for troubled firms.

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Estimating the value of the option to abandon a project or investment Determine whether a project or investment should be abandoned. Estimating the Value of the Option to Expand an Investment Project This program calculates the value of an expansion option in an investment analysis. High Growth Firms Valuation Model Value tough-to-value firms, with negative earnings, high growth in revenues and few comparables. Valuing Equity as an Option An option pricing program to value the equity in a firm.

Option Pricing Model to Value a Product Patent or Option This program calculates the value ofa product patent or a project as an option. This video analyses the relationship between interest rates and stock prices. Login View all Eloqoons. Create an account View all Eloqoons. Have an account? Are you using this Best Practice forWith time, the number of spreadsheets on this page has also increased.

To help you in finding the spreadsheet that you might want, I have categorized the spreadsheets into the following groups:. These spreadsheet programs are in Excel and are not copy protected. Download them and feel free to modify them to your own specifications.

I do have video guides available for some of the most accessed spreadsheets. I hope they are useful. One more point. I am not an expert on Microsoft Excel and am frankly mystified by some of the quirky differences between the Mac version which I use and the PC version which you probably have.

If you want to refine your spreadsheet skills, you can of course by a book on Excel. However, a reader of this website, Alex Palfi of Tykoh Training, has been kind enough to offer this guide to using and building spreadsheets. Please feel free to download it and use it and to then convey your appreciation to him.

Regression Analyzer Webcast This spreadsheet allows you to check your computations of Jensen's alpha, range on beta and expected return, given the output from a return regression risk. Convert operating leases to debt Webcast This spreadsheet allows you to convert lease commitments to debt.

Optimum Capital Structure Cost of capital approach. To help you in finding the spreadsheet that you might want, I have categorized the spreadsheets into the following groups: Corporate finance spreadsheets : These spreadsheets are most useful if you are interested in conventional corporate financial analysis. It includes spreadsheets to analyze a project's cashflows and viability, a company's risk profile, its optimal capital structure and debt type, andwhether it is paying out what it can afford to in dividends.

These programs are broadly categorized into those that Estimate risk in an investment and its hurdle rate, as well as assess investment returns net present value, internal rate of return, accounting return Evaluate the right mix of debt and equity in a business and the right type of debt for a firm Examine how much a firm should return to investors and in what form dividends versus buybacks Valuation Inputs Spreadsheets : In this section, you will find spreadsheets that allow you to Estimate the right discount rate to use for your firm, starting with the risk premium in your cost of equity and concluding with the cost of capital for your firm.

Big-picture valuation spreadsheets : If you are looking for one spreadsheet to help you in valuing a company, I would recommend one of these 'ginzu' spreadsheets.

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While they require a large number of inputs, they are flexible enough to allow you to value just about any company. If you have no idea which one will work for you, I would suggest that you try the "right model" spreadsheet first. Focused valuation spreadsheets : If you have a clear choice in terms of models - stable growth dividend discount, 2-stage FCFE etc.

damodaran wacc calculation excel

Valuation of specific types of companies: Valuation is all about exceptions, and these spreadsheets are designed to help value specific types of companies including: Financial Service firms : While dividend discount models tend to be the weapon of choice for many, you will find an excess equity return model here. Troubled firms : You will find an earnings normalizer spreadsheet, a generic valuation model for valuing a firm as a going concern and a spreadsheet that allows you to estimate the probability that a troubled firm will not survive.